Wednesday, April 14, 2021

“The Dream”: last act

That slow awareness

of your awaited presence.

You were calm,

your long-missed 

and longed-for 

gentle strength 

coming through strongly.

There was no doubt it was you, here. There.

I was saddened again 

but soothed to feel your presence.

“At Last”.

Together, with your lead,

we mentally flip through the

tender, unforgettable memories of 

our early acquaintance,

the fairy tale dating and wedding 

and finally, 

our early married life,

so sweet.

Such utterly precious days and nights.

You stopped us there.

You gently reminded me

how much you loved me

and how much I loved you.

We were both grateful to remember,


We tearfully exchanged our 

definitively last apologies


said our reluctant, lingering goodbyes 

for the absolutely last time, 


then you were slowly, slowly gone

for the last time.

I slept quietly that night, 

finally at peace

with your final leaving.

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