Thursday, April 13, 2017

Unbiological sisters

No matter what everyone else is doing
I hate that inner compulsion to do the right thing
Adulting is hard sometimes, you know?
   about her latest shenanigans with our offspring
The second, for the first time, I will keep my mouth shut
   on her terms, no matter what she may say or pull
For the first time, I will make an effort to interact with the first
The second I want to kick her ass every time we speak
The first I can't talk to without significant mental preparation
The other is a self-righteous, shameless narcissistic heathen
One is a supremely fundamentalist, stick-up-the-ass Christian
An ex is another unlooked-for 'sister'
The husband's youngest sister is one such
But not all sisters are biological
Sisters are such jerks at times

Prompt from FB NaPo page, "write a poem starting with the last line and ending with the first line"  
and posted for NaPoWriMo - Day 12

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