Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dreams of my mother

Wedding preparation
in a combination location
part Irish pub, hockey game, crumbling mansion

couldn't find the veil, the bustier, the stockings
serenely finding solutions and missing items
though slowly

our guests patiently waiting in a
Mardi Gras swirl of preparation

Mom was there

Mom was there

Mom was there
laughing, serving, problem-solving
her joyful face
helping me dress for my big day

She escorted me to the ceremony site
one arm around me and the other hand gently holding my wrist
after twining her rosary through my fingers
no bouquet, just her prayers and good wishes

handing me off to my husband with
her trademark smile, eyes crinkled with merriment

Her face beamed at him, at me, at us
nodding, affirming, consecrating


waking this morning with a sense of well-being
having made some sort of peace
with her,
receiving her approval and blessing
in the chaos of a heavily symbolic dream
of one of the best days of my life

I'm sure I will figure all the meanings out

but she was there!
she was there...
and happy and approving and involved

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  1. We all want the approval of our mother. i never did get it and when she died last year there was a sadness of no peace ..



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