Wednesday, June 15, 2016

...make us...

you are
you are a channel
of His peace.

When I hear from three of
my five sisters
my father
all within the space of 24 hours,
when a year ago,
there would be weeks
if not months of
radio silence,
I clearly see and feel
how something has changed
and it started with you.

You challenged me to be more
to open my heart to you
and then again to my family of origin.
After so many years of muted pain
there is a trickle of love
and hope
and future
flowing through this newly cleared channel.

A year ago,
I would have projected that
all of this
all of this
would have been totally impossible.
the sun never sets on His love
His hope for his children to
love each other anew
as He never stops loving us
all of us.

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  1. Lord, let us together, be instruments of Your peace......

    You are a brave and open hearted person, Ma'am. You are a constant example to me and I am so grateful for you.


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