Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The worst bitch ever

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Shame attack
excruciating revelation
cutting looks, twisted mouth
stereo middle fingers extended
shunning, back turned
ignoring, walking away
anger, words, attacking
denial of irrefutable evidence
reluctantly, the meeting of the eyes
defeated acceptance
resigned to the undeniable
humbled admission
freedom to soar
dishonest constraints loosened
joy to be real.

Nothing can change or remove
the presence of
It's all in your perception.

Poem inspired by prompt from the website Bibliomancy Oracle:
"And underneath it all, the truth—the worst bitch ever."(from “The Mpemba Effect” by Jordan Davis)
Posted for Day One of 2014 NaPoWriMo prompt, "Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Engines", 04-01-2014


  1. Love all the imagery with the adjectives. Great job with your prompt/quote!

  2. Oh. This is the equivalent of an hour long talk I heard at the San Francisco Zen Center about letting go of illusions. It was by an Enlightened (I have no idea what that means). You've said what he said only poetically compressed. Poetry is so cool. Thanks:) You made me happy.


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