Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hell on wheels

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Rage is a two or three wheeled 
motor vehicle.
Rage design varies greatly to suit
a range of different purposes.
In the developed world,
rage is mainly a luxury good,
used mostly for recreation,
as a lifestyle accessory,
or a symbol of personal identity,
while in developing countries
rage is overwhelmingly utilitarian.
The role of rage is changing 
from a transport necessity to
a leisure activity, and
rage is changing from 
a family's primary motor vehicle 
to a second or third vehicle.
There are three major types of rage:
street, off-road, and dual purpose.
Rage has a higher rate of fatal accidents
than automobiles or trucks and buses.

(Written for the Day 12 Prompt from NaPoWriMo, "Replacement poem", 04/12/14 - I chose 'motorcycle' and 'rage' - with a very interesting result! Sentences on motorcycles cribbed from this Wikipedia article: "Motorcycles" Enjoy!)

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