Sunday, December 8, 2013

Three Jacks

The last of the three Jacks
passed away today.

These three sober men were
my heart,
my courage,
my balance.

Jack H.
bold in the face of
my anger
playful, joking me
out of my despair
admiring me for the
woman he knew
I was but had yet
to reveal.

Jack M.
fatherly mentor
Catholic titan
understanding my
family issues and
willing to step away
but showing up for
me anyway, on that
most important day.

Jack R.
spiritual giant with
a heart that spanned
the imperfect world
always encouraging us
to give others yet another
chance to say 'yes'
joining two. disparate
souls into one family

Mourning the last one today
as he joyfully runs to his
Creator's arms.

Jealous of his surety
of his God's Love
but he was always sure.

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