Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tell me now


Circling you like a cat
focused on its prey,
I poke and prod and question
and query and nag and badger
you about the problem.
You barely can take a breath
as I batter you relentlessly and
eventually you fail to respond
as I overwhelm, surround, and
consume you and your
defensive silence,
though I don't stop stalking
or talking.
I must have an answer, an
explanation, a reason, and
We never get there - I never
give you a chance and yet
I'm mad that we don't and the
obsession with resolution and
control continues.
Posted for One Single Impression, "Obsession", 8/21/11)


  1. Oh, very interesting. A tangled web....well done with this prompt!

  2. It is so unfortunate that some people live like this one feeds on the other! This is a power piece of work Kudos!

  3. silence is a pretty big body to get around....


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