Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer of '11

Motorcycle rides.
Swimming in the hot springs.
Decorating graves and reprising first dates
Post holes for the new fence.
Working, working, working.
Fourth of July bbq and fireworks.
The Week of the Grandchildren,
fair and demolition derby.
Family of origin breakfast and photos.
A new book emerged during Camp NaNoWriMo
and dozens of poems penned.
Thirtieth class reunion and lots of contact
with old classmates, surprisingly interesting.
Photography and flowers.
The hair went from white to dark, again.
Tour of the Pacific Northwest and
Northern California, hanging out with
many old friends and family,
wading in the ocean.
Re-connection with high school best friend.
A whale!!
Bountiful cherries and apples on the trees.
School shopping for the senior year daughter.
(Posted for Poetry Tow Truck 34, "What I did on my summer vacation", 8/20/11
and for The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week #4, "Summer Vacation, Grandparents, Anniversaries", 9/15/11)


  1. What a great summer you've had. I love the sound of a demolition derby! But I'm in favour of white hair - my Mum always told me "as you age, your hair should become lighter". Of course, I could be biased, as I have white hair!


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