Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rain, rain, come again

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The smell of rain on
pavement always evokes
an onslaught of remembrance
and good feelings.
The first drops hitting
put me at ten years old,
playing tether ball on the
playground, getting wet
but determined to win,
the moisture misting up from
the blacktop, the scent of
the wet rope and slick
leather ball clearing my
head for competition.
Continued downpour
reminds me of walking to
college classes in warm
afternoon summer rain,
so happy to be alive and
young and free.
The baker and nester in me
emerge in high spirits
when overcast skies appear,
with the ensuing smells of
yeast and cinnamon and lemon
polish evoking pervasive contentment.
Rain and thunder are mysteriously
safe and energizing for
me and I am always delighted
when the thunder clouds gather,
promising pleasant emotions and
sensually scented memories.
(Posted for Thursday Think Tank #63, "Smell", 8/25/11)


  1. Trying really hard to find good memories to associate with rain after reading this lovely description... *sigh* Perhaps running through summer rain on my grandparents' lawn as a child... Lovely read, as always (do you get tired of hearing that?)!

  2. Lots of lovely smells... lemon polish reminds me of summers at my grandparent's house.

    ~laurie kolp

  3. Two sequences of increasing rain and advancing years neatly plaited into a very interesting poem. Thank you.

  4. Yes, I like the smell of summer rain too. It reminds me well of childhood times when, after a rain, I used to go out and splash in puddles in the street!!

  5. Very evocative! I enjoyed this tremendously.

  6. I love summer rain how it refreshes one's soul~
    Well Done


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