Sunday, August 28, 2011

Neighborhood emporium

Her eyes are dark, hidden, jaded,
a calm epicenter in a
maelstrom of advertisement graffiti.
Her arm shyly crosses her neck and
chest, cautiously gazing into the camera.
Life was both simple and complex,
we think, as we study this proprietress
of a small neighborhood store,
imagining the prone painter
reclining on the sidewalk to letter
the lowest of the index of offerings.
The sepia tones leaching the colorful
life out of her store, I imagine red brick,
white paint, green poster background,
red and yellow striped skirt.
Three pence for bread!
Mother's Choice for what?
(Posted for Sepia Saturday 89, 8/28/11)


  1. Nicely done. What a wonderful perspective on this photo.

  2. Nice story to go with this image. Imagining colour in the sepia.


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