Monday, August 22, 2011

Me and my trike

Pinky-pink oh no oh no
the balloon has launched and
I must go!
I pump the pedals furiously as I
hunt adventure only I can see
along the block.
Danger, danger, the stuffy
nanny, pushing a pram,
her shifty eyes watching
sharply for me to do
something not right
as I expertly veer around her
while old grandmas
hang out windows,
calling out as I
study blowing paper bags and
staircase corners and doorways
and garbage cans for treasure;
the big people don't
want us to have fun, so
I ride fast and
listen for soldiers or Indians
while I repeatedly
conquer the sidewalk.
I can only go to the corner and
back and not cross the street,
Mom says!
(Posted for Monday's Child #52, 8/22/11)


  1. Far enough to catch your balloon, I hope! Great interpretation of the picture.

  2. A childhood adventure-a-day, what? :)

  3. I like the pace of this; it really moves along with the bike! Nice.


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