Monday, August 29, 2011

Does it flow as it goes?

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A song once claimed
one could not step in the
same river twice.
Makes sense - the water is
ever rushing past, renewed and
wet and tumbling, rocks and
fish and flora and curves ever
evolving, alternately trickling or
raging, endlessly flowing and
changing, high water and low,
clear then muddy,
not a static body of

If love is a river, especially
romantic love,
can you enter it twice with
the same person?
The challenges and obstacles
resolve or change,
the flowers die and are bought
or bloom anew, jewelry glitters
and tarnishes, disputes meld
into contentment into passion
into seasonal cooling and freezing
and thawing, but the
emotion keeps flowing.
The very nature of love seems
to wax and wane and surge and
retreat, but always steadily moving,
sometimes passionate,
sometimes quiet.
Is love as a river the same?
What if one drowns or has
a near death experience by river/love?
Should wading be an option again or only
(Posted for Carry On Tuesday #120, "Love is like a river", 8/29/11)


  1. You have put it beautifully why 'Love is like a river' Well written!!

  2. I just wish the water wasn't so cold!!! *smile* Brilliant imagery and work, as always! Might have to do something about water myself now... *stumbles off to ponder*

  3. Thanks for the lovely post.......would love to do a response poem to your post....

    We walk on bridges.
    It rains,
    Umbrellas hide our faces, hope?

    Rivers are for fish.

  4. I just love the way you write! It's so beautiful how you carry through with your thoughts. I can never do that. Love this!

  5. The poems I love best are ones that make me think further, ask questions. You've done both here, about a subject I'd thought I knew pretty well.


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