Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday sweet

every day
for the week before,
my office looked like
a floral shop with
vases of roses dotting
every surface.
It got to be kind of
embarrassing how much
he was spoiling me
but I adored it.
I'd never been cherished
this much
We had dinner with
one of my sisters and her
husband on the big day.
She showed up with a huge
helium balloon of a Valkyrie opera
singer that shrieked the Hallelujah
chorus every time the breeze from
a blink of someone's eyelashes
touched it.
I was so happy and loved
I glowed in the dark.
(Posted for Free Write Friday, "Birthday Memories", 8/19/11)


  1. I glowed in the dark - sigh...that is a nice feeling. sounds like a wonderful birthday.

  2. This seems lighter (none the worse for that!) than some of the rather meatier poems on your blog. I find your range impressive and the blog rewarding. I shall return for a longer browse ere long!

  3. This is sweet! Oh to be showered with love! I see why this was memorable. Thanks for contributing your beautiful memory to my Free Write Friday! Hope to see you next weekend. :)

  4. Sounds wonderful! Glowing in the dark is a wonderful feeling.


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