Friday, July 1, 2011

Reunion III

Well, that was interesting.
A dozen folks showed up at the bar,
proceeding to drink heavily as we
caught up
except my husband and I.
I did discover one classmate that I
simply do not remember who also
wasn't drinking and we immediately
clicked and started talking!
How weird was that?
Not really...just God taking care of me.
He always does.
But anyway...looks like most everyone
has actually grown up (though statistically,
this was a very small sampling) and all acted
pleasant and surprised (yes, I've
changed a lot), especially at the rapid
realization that I am a 'water' girl.
A bunch of us charged across the
street to a nearby restaurant to harass
a working classmate - boy, was
she surprised!

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  1. This sounds more do-able than your other poem. Does that mean it got better?


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