Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Rage is a flaming sword once
wielded at any sign of betrayal.
A white hot flame, cutting cleanly,
severing relationships and connections
unutterably permanently.
I have not picked up this sword in
many years, but it burns
in my mind, beckoning at this
latest outrage.
The old ways are not gone
they have become distant and
untraveled for many years now
but a not-so-sudden turn brings
me to this road again, unexpected
and unhoped for, yet calling me
I am almost blinded by the powerful
radiance of this old tool, righteous and
unyielding anger, and I consider armoring my
mental self and entering the fray.
But is this betrayal worth the battle?
or should I brandish something else
white, the flag of surrender? And
what are the terms of that renunciation?

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