Sunday, July 10, 2011


I want off this carnival ride.
We go round and round about the
problem, and as we go up and down
and round and round, it looks and feels like
we are going forward,
making progress,
but when I actually take my eyes off you,
I can see the horizon whipping by
the blur of others' faces, the reality, the
real world, just waiting for me to step away
from this life with you.  I long for
peace and serenity, not this insanity.
How did I reach this point where I thought
the merry-go-round of addiction was life, and
not simply a carnival distraction,
a moment of escape?
It's so shiny and pretty here, at times,
but then I look closely at the machinery twirling
it, smelly, oily, temperamental, uncertain,
clanking and looking like it will fly
apart at any moment.
The music is lovely and nostalgic,
but this is not healthy or actual or even
desirable. My stomach hurts from
the speed at which this has
happened and is still happening.
My legs will be wobbly for a while
now that I am off, but it's okay, children.
We will be strong and certain again soon
as we walk away from the music and
the lights, back into the real world.

(Posted for Theme Thursday, "Round", 7/7/11)
(Submitted for Thursday Poet's Rally, 7/14/11)


  1. Sometimes watching the merry-go-round from the outside is actually more fun than being on the damn thing! *smile* Resonating words, fantastic imagery - as always!

  2. Yep. Sometimes you just have to get off and walk away. If the darn thing will slow down enough to allow you to do so.
    Nice writing. I enjoyed this a lot!

  3. ride for a while, it is worthy,
    most of the time, we need to stand on our own feet and walk.

    lovely poetry, thanks for sharing.

  4. A very thought-provoking piece.

    Hope you find the peace you seek.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Because of those few moments of shiny, it's hard to let go.

    This was a very good piece.

  6. it really entered my head
    real nice poem
    you are so cool

  7. The piece makes me dizzy reading it with the enjambed lines; I really like how you have used language to evoke that feeling, then of getting off, getting bearings at the end.

  8. You've chosen the perfect metaphor for this life we lead. Your words resonate and I'm listening.
    Following your blog,

  9. Still like it! Still like it a lot! *big smile*

  10. I loved the way you have brought merry go round to the reality of life... and in the end, when you brought the 'Children' in the verse, it created a great imagery... lovely write...

    I liked your lines..
    'How did I reach this point where I thought
    the merry-go-round of addiction was life, and
    not simply a carnival distraction,'
    So true...

    Thanks for joining in Poetry Potluck WK 43, which I am hosting for the first time this week. hope you have enjoyed it... and I look forward to your participation next week...too

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  11. I often refer to the merry-go-round as the "crazy-go-round."

    Nice job! Happy Rally


  12. I agree about the enjambment. I have vertigo, time to get off. Well done.

  13. Oh wow this is an incredible metaphor and I can very much relate, I seem to be caught up in this insanity right now


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