Thursday, July 7, 2011

Green thumb

Gardens and flowers were always
abundant in childhood, but so were weeds.
To a child who wanted to play, read, make-believe,
too many weeds needed to be pulled,
the child often feeling like a weed herself,
never right or quite good enough or acceptable,
no matter how diligently she strived or
how many weeds were culled.
Oh, just to be a plant, no category,
allowed to be one's self and grow and
thrive where planted.
All have green thumbs in
that light.

(Posted for BlueBell books, Week 5 Short Story Slam, 7/7/11 - they also supplied the image/inspiration.)
(Also posted for One Single Impression #184, "Weed", 9/4/11)


  1. Awesome I am trying to write a children's poem I've got no idea what I am doing lol I love your poignant take on the prompt

  2. Flowers and weeds are one and wonderful, both needed, like a point in space for comparison to find your direction. To the weeds?! Or to the flowers?!

  3. How true this is. How hard on the child not allowed to enjoy their childhood. Children need a chance to grow and run, a few "weeds" never hurt anyone.

  4. agreed, inspiring words.
    love the insights,

    Thanks for linking.

  5. my thoughts exactly when I saw this picture. Lovely.

  6. beautifully expressed and soo true.

  7. How true ! Your contribution is slamming !!


  8. too true, and it even continues onto adulthood - fantastic write!

  9. extremely insightful - to be a weed without the label! very nice indeed

  10. lovely message,

    How are you?

    Welcome join us for week 6 short story slam fun,

    Bless you..

    Keep it up!

  11. Beautifully written piece. So expressive of a sad truth.


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