Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Promises broken

Vows were made
for better or worse
richer or poorer
sickness and health
cleaving only to one another
to have and to hold
from this day forward
until death do you part.

This situation challenges every
single one of those vows.
How much 'change' is one
supposed to uphold, especially
when it involves every aspect
of life and physical being?
This determination has narrowed the
other's option to only one: the
decision to leave.

A choice was made to
lie before, continuing to lie after.
The lying before, especially when asked
directly, was definitely a choice.
The lying afterwards is an even
uglier and cunning choosing,
born of selfishness and disregard
for others' needs and promises made.
The compulsion of the other to
accept the unacceptable is
abhorrent and a deal breaker and
Decisions are not simple when
love is involved.

(Poetry prompt on Changes from "Poetic Asides", 6-29-11)

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