Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Please, don't start that again...

To my inner child,
the one that thinks there
will be a shortage of food:
we are not starving nor
will we be any time soon.
The size on our clothing label
proves that beyond doubt.
Every time I attempt to curb
the eating and lose the weight,
your voice becomes an unnerving
fear-filled siren, bouncing off the inside
of my skull, shrieking that there
will not be enough.
There is enough. More than enough.
You are enough and I am enough.
It is time to release the old fears and
insecurities and the mental, insatiable
hunger for security and sanctuary.
We are safe and loved and sated by
everything we could ever dream of,
including food.
(Prompt from Poetic Asides, June 8, 2011.)

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  1. Our inner children would get along splendidly, I think... Then they could go outside and play together and let us, the adults, get on with our lives!


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