Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good deed

As I wrestle the Pomeranian out of
the suburban for her grooming appointment,
an older gentleman approaches from his
monstrous RV, proverbial hat in hand,
asking for directions to a tire store.
I stare at him in puzzlement, arms full
of pinwheeling, excited furball who has
now spotted her groomer and is trying
to launch off my chest into her arms.
Finally focusing on his question, I
suppress my irritation that he is hogging
eight parking places with his rig plus a towed
vehicle. As I attempt to give him directions to
several businesses and study his confused
face, I then hear myself offering to
guide him to an appropriate establishment.
The dog bounces away in Katie's arms into the
paw spa for her bath and trim while I climb back in
my vehicle to lead this parade of elderly
elephants to their destination, feeling only slightly
righteous about helping out a kindly tourist, one of the
persistent crowds that silt up my home town with
sightseeing and money every summer. I really
shouldn't take all this beauty and location
for granted, not to mention their financially
beneficial presence.

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  1. Not only a wonderful writer (and a wonderfully described good deed), but you have a dog!!! *big silly smile*


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