Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Double standard

Congratulations on your joy.
I get that you are excited and
happy in your new relationships after
ditching your less-than-perfect former
partners. But I really don't see why I
should be all wound up about your
choice to have this latest person in your
life when in the past, when I had made
a similar choice - five years ago, to
be exact - you acted like my love was a
passing phase and you
still treated me as the pariah that the
family/maternal unit has always
insisted that I am.
You'll move on as well yourself and I will
still be intact, not expecting anything
different from you, though you'll still
probably be mad, as you always are,
that I didn't do what you wanted.
And why didn't I? It's mostly because
your motives aren't pure and you are still
making the same old sick choices you always
have, based on appearances, status, finances and
'feel good.' I sort of wish I could be excited for
you, but the past bitterness tints my
family view glasses dark.

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