Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fortified forfeited nobility

When I was a kid
you regularly told us we all
must have been kidnapped
from noble houses because
in your opinion
we all acted like a bunch of 
So, who kidnapped whom, do you think?
That particular effort to guilt
us into cooperation was doomed to
failure - it seems we all did think we
were princesses and went on to
marry our (frog) princes and
live in palaces of dreams and hopes.
Now the only noble houses we reside in
are our own humble abodes, 
grounded in reality not clouds
each knowing our home is our castle
our only nobility the fortress of the mind
defending us from the dungeons of pain and shame
of childhood religion codependency.
You are now barricaded safely in the fortress of 
death while your groom, your prince circles the moat,
mourning the drawbridge not let down
for him, not knowing what we already know -
we are not allowed in and that you turned out
in your opinion
to be the princess kidnapped from your Father
by a mortal, common family.

(Written and posted for the Poetry Potluck 5-15-11 
theme of "Fortresses, Castles, Palaces and Royal Houses."
Also posted for Thursday Poet's Rally.)


  1. That's an interesting one!I like the image of 'a fortress of death'. Well done.

  2. I enjoyed it.Intense words.My potluck:

  3. This is a haunting piece. Nicely crafted.

  4. The intricacies of family...Profound and remarkable write from the title to the content :)

  5. This is an excellent take on the subject. I anticipate that it must have been cathartic to write. It is filled rather well with the human foibles of "family."

  6. Family...can't live with them or without them.

    A lovely write.

  7. I thought I comment on how fantastic this is/was already. Dejuvoooooooo, maybe.
    At any rate, top notch!

    Henry Clemmons

  8. cool one,
    everyone has a take on homes and life.
    powerful delivery of yours.

    Thanks for sharing it with potluck and poets rally.

  9. Intersting poem...
    Loved the way you described..
    "....princesses and went on to
    marry our (frog) princes and
    live in palaces of dreams and hopes".
    "You are now barricaded safely in the fortress of
    death while your groom, your prince circles the moat"...

  10. This is intense. It's beautiful, though I can sense the anger. The last lines are especially intriguing.

  11. Lovely, from start till the end.


  12. can't live with 'em, and you can't kill 'em. Many configurations and types, but all necessary for survival. What doesn't kill you does make you stronger. Well written.

  13. Once a princess, always a princess... Enjoyed!

  14. This is a haunting and beautiful poem

  15. wow I read bitterness and lack of forgiveness and understanding, many emotions!

    Enjoy the rally!

  16. I quite agree with Walt's comment here, and I thought you brought out the feeling very well :)

  17. Your express very well the complexities of family and religious dynamics. Well done!

  18. Quilt into cooperation... A tool I am familiar with being raised by a loving single mom... lol

  19. I love the glimpse you've given into the dynamic of family. Wonderful =)

  20. Slick and cool write - the images your words crafted really rang with familiarity for me!

  21. you did a lovely job expressing the complex relationships, and the fortress image is perfect. very well done

  22. Good work. Very complex. Well written. I wish I didn't understand it. *sigh*


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