Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A simpler time

Home from the hospital,
Sitting on the couch, eyes full of tears
As you shriek in my lap,
your voice a tiny insistent chime
Wanting to be fed
My shirt wet and breasts aching
I study your miniature perfect face
And wonder at
The responsibility of a baby
And the rapid shift of my former life
From professional focus and free-wheeling partier
To your mom.
You nurse vigorously, your tiny fists kneading,
Always so sweetly demanding.
But I knew where you were –in my arms
And not behind the wheel of a car or a desk at school
At the mercy of the uncontrollable world.
I love  you just as unexpectedly and completely
As the moment you were born.

(NaPo prompt: give an old photo a title and write a poem based on the title.)

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