Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New day, new me

The divorce is final
now to begin changing my name
which means having to finally
tell many, many people about
what he did to me and
what I did about
what he did to me.

The last of the secret 'telling'

at last

Delighted to leave behind
a now reviled moniker
and arise from the
bitterly cold ashes of
dashed hopes
crushed dreams
betrayed love
destroyed trust

It feels like being reborn
to take back my maiden name
to reclaim
my heritage
my identity
my peace
my serenity
my family
my sanity
my financial security

my heart is warm

I won't just rise
I will survive
I will thrive
I will fly

like never before

"You've been remade" by Tenth Avenue North

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