Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Time stood still

Sauntering the aisles
of WalMart
during a speedy noon hour shop

loading the cart
with protein

Greeting acquaintances
and friends and
respectfully nodding to
the scurrying slaves of Sam.

Reaching for a box of
decaf k-cups

I suddenly see

the old friend.

Quickly, I cut my eyes away
so that she doesn't have to
acknowledge me

....but she does...

Ending her phone call rapidly,
a big smile and a hug

so unexpected

and so very welcome.

We talk and talk and talk
adjusting our carts so that
others can pass us
animatedly sharing about
our husbands
our kids
our jobs
our health.

What was only a few minutes
seemed like hours and hours and hours
of glorious intellectual intimacy
with someone who knows me
so very well

time stood still

the sunlight of the spirit
bathing our deprived souls

And we both remember
how good, so good, so fabulous
our friendship was

though I never forgot

As I hug her again
and turn away to
check out
before returning to work

I look back as I walk away

...as she does...

we both have tears in our eyes

looking at each other longingly

oh, how I wish...and miss.

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