Monday, December 7, 2015


A place remembered and
sought and cherished
so many times before
yet this time is truly different:
biding the next step of
the future, the timing not controlled
or structured or chosen yet,
though that unknowing is
welcome and anticipated.

So much change this past year and
it keeps coming,
the unexpected legal singleness
love and an unsought future blooming
as offspring and exes recede
into their own chaos
where they belong.

The door is open
the heart is too
though it seemed it was carefully
closed forever, a persistent one
gently and inexorably held and
persuaded and
loved and breached
the closure, gentle unfolding
more and more and more
the beautiful pink passion and
fidelity and delicately distinct
from all the others.
What others?
They are gone and there is only
hope. Trust. Contentment.

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