Wednesday, December 23, 2015

After the ball

At work, considering the coming evening,
a stray fairy godmother of a thought
led me to attire and prepare myself
with more care
than I had originally planned
for an impending company Christmas party.

A little lady-scaping and a rummage through
the closet later, royal jewels donned and face
carefully touched up,
this princess was ready for action.

Afterwards, the Expedition coach returned me
home, long before midnight, and
as the jewelry and the heels came off
(both shoes present),
the dress was gently returned to the closet,
I considered my prince, ever courtly, faithful, and gentle,
the  ugly step sister(s)
at the dinner,
and was glad I listened to
the inner dialogue
of the kingdom
of self care.

My every day self re-emerged from the
glitter and chaos of the evening,
but my happily ever after was still
happening, still happy.

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