Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love is not a greeting card

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It's messy
you and I
though we've been separated
two years, there are
still feelings
still connections
still so much commonality.
We fight when one of
us tries to impose their
will or opinions on the other
yet when we are on the same page
we move mountains and
facilitate miracles.
We don't know how to surmount
the problems of gender and honesty
and trust.
Yet we strive to be friends
while living our separate lives
and others wonder, often outloud
how the hell we do it
how we can mostly get along
after years of titanic emotional warfare
and purposeful character assassination.
We don't know either.
We just do.
Because we can.
Because we choose to.
We make our path, together and singly
and it works for us.

(Inspired by the prompt, "Love is not a greeting card" at Poets United, 2/11/15)


  1. ah... that's a hard situation... once connected it's hard to move on

  2. Messy, and then some! I want my friends to leave abusive relationships, yet I know that there are some which only appear abusive. In these, the participants tell each other hard truths in hard ways, and "yet when we are on the same page
    we move mountain and
    facilitate miracles."
    Godbless you and yours! Thank you for this far-reaching poem.

  3. this is hard, very hard..."Yet we strive to be friends"...I think striving is life....

  4. This is an intriguing response to the prompt. So many ways of loving. And rather evolved, after separation, to continue to work on one's connection to another being. I enjoyed this alternative take on loving very much. Love is not a Hallmark card. It is so much more.

  5. We don't know either.
    We just do.
    Because we can.
    Because we choose to... it works for us

    This powerful and moving.

  6. Of course we cannot understand others loves, it is what turns us on and ignites us that counts. The challenge is of course to find someone of a like mind.

  7. Relationships, like love, have many facets and ways of expression. So glad you found yours with someone you truly care enough about, to design a rapport that's unique.

  8. Its a road that doesn't take us where we expect but love does work even if the type of love changes.

  9. I can definitely relate to this....been separated for three years after 20 years of marriage and we are still friends. It is messy and complicated and everyone else just shakes their heads, but it works. Lovely, lovely words of truth you have written here.

  10. Love is messy...i think you have captured the reality and the way things can work in a different way perfectly


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