Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pro and con

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I want a relationship
a romantic one
but I won't settle
for less than my dreams
for less than my needs
for less than who I am.

The dating pool is shallow
murky defective lacking.

My life is good better
than it has ever been
yet there is just this
one little area
that I dearly wish
could be fulfilled.

I don't think my needs
are unreasonable
to be treated as an equal
to be sexually passionate
to desire intelligent conversation.

Evidently, either they are
or the time is not

Tired of waiting.
But still unwilling to settle.

I know me
anything less will not
work and then two people's
live will be 'hell'
because the match is not

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Drifty dreamy

Escaping the daily daily
in daydreams and make believe
fictional journeys and
soothing the rough edges
of others' behaviors.
Even at work, stealth
inhaling a few lines of
faerie other worlds
is enough to inoculate
for another few hours
remembering the epiphanies
and healings and slipping
them on like a soothing jacket
of soft understanding.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spiritual housecleaning

Emotional dust was flying
but now slowly settling
only a few motes drift
in the morning sunlight
soon to become invisible.
Random mouse clicks and the
friends' lists now sparkle with
mental health and camaraderie.
Hours of meetings and talking
generate and maintain
undisturbed peaceful sleep as 
the marker of good choices.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dreams of my future

What's this in my sleeping hand?
An approved class list,
all interesting literary subjects
offered at civilized hours,
no less. (Not before 11 am!)
Though I know it's a dream,
I sense the housing dilemma of
previous nights has been solved,
the English department is glad to
have me back on their staff,
and my students are eager to
embark on our
mutual educational journey.
I drift through
the student union
Prexie's pasture
meandering around dormitories,
face lifted to the sky, strolling
walkways framed by arched trees
It's happening.
My life is together again.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wings and a sword

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The invasion of
a most unexpected source
an unguarded soul
an open heart

the essence of evil
transmitted in
the meeting of the eyes.

A month later

craziness spins
and spins
and spins

The quest
begins to
figure out
the cause
the wound
the infection.

Whence comes this possession?

A complete breakdown
boundaries thrown down
then built high, higher
backing away
tears trickling

Enlightenment arrives.

Startling knowledge.

The spiritual battle commences.

Purification begins.

Protection amended.

Awareness gratitude healing