Monday, April 7, 2014

Transgender logic

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Didn't we have a good life?
You have been a perfect wife.
I don't understand why you are so mad.
Not understanding makes me so sad.
I am still me - nothing has changed.
I just want to get my genitals rearranged
Hetero sex isn't everything, you know.
I love you more than you will let me show.
I am sure you could be a lesbian with me
if you tried; sexuality is fluid, you see.
I gave you everything you ever desired
Yet despite all that, your anger is still fired
because I decided to become my true self.
Please don't put our marriage on a shelf!
I really didn't lie before we were wed,
just some creative truth telling that night in bed.
Why did you leave me and pull everything apart?
All of this is just breaking my heart
though I wouldn't change one iota of what I chosen,
so why is your face and heart so frozen
when I try to court you, talk to you, and win you back?
I just know if you were willing we could get things on track
and have the life we both dreamed of once upon a time
Before I dragged our lives into what you say is the grime
and tawdry efforts to change my male self to woman.
I can't stand it when you pucker your lips like a lemon!
I let you be who you are in every way.
It's beyond me why you can't at least meet me half way
Please let me be and become my truest self, a girl.
Come on, baby, let's give it a whirl
though you would have to give up everything
you ever wanted or dreamed of, perishing
the thought that I could be that selfish.
I really don't get why you think I am childish.
My love, you don't believe I ruined everything
with what you say are lies and manipulating?
You just couldn't accept me, I get it, your story.
I beg you to accept me now, despite our history.
I don't perceive our marriage in the same fashion.
I refuse to accept your version of what happened.
Can't you try to trust me and let me move back in?
You have turned this into a misunderstanding again.
I'm being honest now, I swear I am.
What - you are still telling me to scram?

Inspired by and posted for the Day 6 NaPoWriMo prompt on Facebook, 


  1. He really had no clue, did he? *sigh* Very nice write, and I can see how it was cathartic (is that how you spell it?)! Big hugs!

    1. S/he still has no clue. You should hear some of our conversations - like even last night. Couldn't buy a clue if s/he had all the money in the world!

  2. Wow. I've thought about this before. I know people that have gone through this. I really liked the poem too.


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