Thursday, April 24, 2014

See you later

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He smiled and nodded his head
chatting about our same-age daughters,
their divergent educational and career paths.
We laughed about the girls' quirks and
their now-occasional hurricane-like presences
in our respective lives.
"See you later. Have a good weekend."
I wished him the same and watched him
slowly shuffle out the door, knowing his
mind was as full of images of his daughter
as a blond, singing, dancing child
as mine was bursting with pictures
of my hyper, brunette, gaming, reading
child, who never looked back as she
joyfully ran full tilt into her life,
rarely saying
'see you later',
never realizing that
one of those times might be
the last time
she would hear it or
I would say it.

Written using the NaPo Facebook prompt, "Write a poem using the last thing you remember someone saying to you.", Day 24, 04/24/14

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  1. You know I like your style of writing, and this is no exception! Great work! *sigh*


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