Sunday, April 13, 2014


You glare at us, oh
noble fellow,
your sneer revealing
the not-so compassionate,
maleness apparent
in the splay hipped stance.
Just what are you
attempting to kindly master?
A cat head-butts your thigh
revealing a camaraderie of
presence, if not intimacy of
acquaintance, affable bloke
tenuously staring down
the viewer of circuses.

(Inspired by and posted for Day 14 prompt, NaPoWriMo, "Write a poem using a kenning", 04/13/14)
(Also posted for MagPie Tales - the source of the image - Mag215, 04/13/14.)


  1. very nice- love the cat butt reference!

  2. How well you interpreted his stance...:-)

  3. I agree with Jinksy. You read the expression of this fellow so well. I look at him and read your words, and swear that is exactly what he's thinking.

    My Magpie Entry

  4. Perhaps it was the first faltering steps of an embryonic male feminism , awkward and stilted through our modern eyes, but important pioneering work nonetheless.
    I like your insight on this


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