Friday, April 11, 2014


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I loved romantic love
I loved wine
Neither are part of my journey
these days

Wine turned from being my partner
in crime to being
a crime
against health and family and future
and so
despite all the seemingly good times,
I had to part ways with it
ten sober years ago.

Romantic love has never
really been my friend either,
though even now, I am ever
hopeful that it will get its shit
together and meet my
Disney-ish, courtly love expectations.
On the other hand, my heart
is locked tight against love's
blandishments, because such
enticements always seem to cloak
sweet talk dripping with poisonous dishonesty.

Wine and love belong to my past,
the ago years when I believed in
the cultural lies that this unholy duo
would make my life better, my heart
happy, my brain seams smooth out.
They certainly have not improved with
age, their vinegary sting bitter on my tongue.
It's easier now to crochet and write poetry -
now those are dogmas I can get behind.

Inspired by the prompt at NaPoWriMo, Day Eleven, to write a poem a la Anacreon about "Love and Wine", 04/11/2014


  1. Disney-ish love! Nothing better ;)

    Great piece, full of feeling.

    Here's mine, if you want to take a look

  2. I am SO with you on this... Though, for both our sakes, I hope we can find some semblance of 'love', even if it's not the Disney-ish expectations. At least we have the love of our dogs, right? *smile* Great write, as always!


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