Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dangerous and noble things

No longer standing on the edge
toes barely in the water
touching the imaginary line of
the taboo
quivering with others' anxieties.
Leaping, jumping, flying
the future is so full of possibilities
things, peoples, places, lifestyles
that intensely interest me
activities others disapprove of
because they fear what
they do not know or
understand or
that which might change them,
especially for the better.
Exploring the darker parts of
my psyche and interests as
well as the brightly lit hallways
of the Catholic forbidden
thrills me, sparkles my eyes,
grows up the inner child who
has quaked too long in the
dismayed shadows of childhood
expectations and threats and
terminally withheld approval.
Insatiable curiosity will mark
my coming years, if I am granted them.
It's okay and desirable to be
sexy, beautiful, and above all
to state
what I want and
get it.
Willing to soar, risking Icarusian results.
But I won't fail. I have decided I won't.
How can one have really lived if
one has not faced death?
I have this last year and I now know
there is nothing to lose
by trying.

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