Tuesday, October 8, 2013


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Another email, full of the
usual cheery questions about
me and deadly silence about
you, making me wonder...

What if you were the
lunatic all these years
not the others,
whom you blamed for
your work
personal dilemmas
financial woes?

Why won't you ever
explain to me what
is really going on with
you and your alleged
health problems,
hiding behind
veiled innuendo and
the insisted upon
veil of privacy from
creditors and ex's,
pretending that I am
some sort of security
risk to keep me at
a distance from
the truth?

How dare you claim
friendship and long-suffered
love for me, while trying
to verbally minimize me
my needs my feelings?

Where did you get the idea
that you, like my
family of origin,
had the right
to make me into
the crazy one, the
unreasonable one, the
selfish narcissistic one,
just so that you
could look

Who do you think you
are, to attempt to
define my reality
my emotions, especially
twenty years later?

When are you going
to clean this up, make
things right between us,
and quit peddling this
sickly alternate view of

It really was YOU all along,
wasn't it, who was
the unsound one, the
logical lunatic,
the controlling mad man?

I was, in fact,
the normal one,
love without pain.

Those weren't insane
expectations from
someone who thought
she loved you -
they were

(And don't ever tell me
again that 'normal' is a
setting on a dishwasher.)

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