Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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A word to describe
who I aspire to be
how I will be of service
where I am striving to go
how I understand the
Spirit of the Universe.
"A mystical force present
in all people that empowers
them to affect the world,
or to effect changes in
their own lives."

This word delights and
appeals to me,
a Higher Power by any
other name is still God.

The Presence shines in my eyes
exudes from my skin
radiates in my activities and
personality and intentions.
I glow in the dark when I am most
in tune and in sync with my Orenda.
Those around me take a little piece
of Her, of me, after every interaction.
I'm glad to share the wealth of
good and positive that has been
so freely given to me.

Almost ten years have unfolded
since You revealed yourself to me.
I am honored to know your name
at last.

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