Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Musca domestica

Lazily careening around
the office, bouncing off the
buzzing lights, dancing delicately
on each and every slat of the
mini blinds, buzzing vibrating
like a small chainsaw,
with time off to dive bomb the
human as she contemplates an
especially knotty bookkeeping
problem, and longer
pauses on the sill,
framed in cloudy morning light,
daintily cleaning each leg and wing.
antennae twitching thoughtfully,
compound eyes blinking, scheming.
Some suicide missions succeed as
it briefly careens off her
forehead to deposit microscopic
filth, delighted at thrashing arms
and low cursing.
Swatted at irritably, the fly
zooms off a new and
equally intriguing trajectory,
looping her head again
and again, until
his guts crash
through his small brain as a
swatter slams him into
oblivion on a cinder block

(Inspired by the prompt at Imaginary Garden with Toads, Point of View With Place, 10/9/13)


  1. Wonderful third person view without an anthropomorphic stance. Powerful detail led me to see the fly like a child playing. I remember my mom wishing she had a giant swatter to take care of the motorcycles buzzing our house all day. I'm so very happy children are not usually treated like flies, tho some child abuse may be traced to this ...

  2. I'm really enjoying these poems through from the view of an animal/insect. Is it bad that I laughed at "suddenly his guts crash through his small brain".

  3. Oy, a murder in cold blood on a wednesday morning. I am loving all of these poems - great fun! (except for the fly, the worm and the toad, hee hee.)

  4. Well, I can't be really sympathetic about a bashed fly. But, you certainly did a great job with your poem.

  5. Oh my, I certainly wouldn't want to be this fly on the wall. Great take on the prompt!!

  6. Yes, excellent third person point of view, uninvolved but so descriptive. I could relate to the bookkeeper lady driven to distraction by the fly. I've written on Facebook about houseflies and fruit flies driving me crazy this past week.

  7. Oh my the fly on a suicide mission! So creative! Wonderful descriptions in this. thanks for posting.

  8. ... I love my fly swatter (sorry)


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