Sunday, October 6, 2013


Why do I love my single life
so much?

Besides the fact it is my life.

What underpins his?

Mud. Dirt. Weeds. Dust.
Chaos. Indecisiveness. Mold.
Clutter. Water issues. Debt.
Insecurity. Loneliness.


The shining floors
the carefully swept cement driveway,
contentment, meditation,
clean, healthy food,
music misting the corners and
candles scenting and centering
each room, purring furnace,
and leaf-blanketed yard.
Decisions about tough things
made, not disregarded.
A care for well being.
A home.

And...the soul-deep peace
with no need to long after things
unavailable or unwanted.

(Inspired by the prompt at Theme Thursday, "Cement", 10-3-13)

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