Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quinquenagerian - to be real

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A half century after birth
attaining an age most of
the grandparents and great grands
did not achieve and
after surviving a life threatening
illness in this, my fiftieth year,
I wonder what the next fifty
might hold.
I hope I am only
just past half.
Just past center.
I intend so much more.
The first fifty were
amazing, but
I am now, more
than ever,
striving for more
for positive
for productive
for love
for joy
to fly towards and upward
not to slide downhill
to the end.
But mostly
to be alive
the fur is rubbed off
and the body is lumpy
but oh so grateful
to breath
(Posted for the Poets United prompt, "Just Past Center", 9-18-13)


  1. I really love the sentiments you shared in this poem. So true that in the 'old days' many did not reach age 50; but in today's world 50 can be a beginning of a wonderful age. I also think that once a person goes through a health scare of some kind, sometime they come out on the other side truly appreciating life more and being more determined to live life to the fullest.

    Thanks for taking part in Poets United. Come back Sunday morning for an "Open Link" kind of experience as well. Nice meeting you!!

  2. OH YES, Wyoming! I echo every single word of this! SO grateful to be alive! So much living yet to do. Wonderful to meet you! Keep coming back to PU, okay? We need all the positive messages like yours we can get!

  3. Your words are very inspiring...much encouragement to keep looking forward and peace to enjoy the blessings of today. "alive, healed, grateful" Yes! Wonderful stuff.


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