Sunday, September 22, 2013

Old, new

After seeking self empowerment
in varied venues and many years,
it is finally found, fulfilled
in an unexpected source.
A underground group
of specific activities.
The strap is placed in hand and 
wielded with self love, 
scouring the
resentments and anger
from the wrinkles of the
brain as marks appear in
flaming reds, patterns of
blues, purples, black almost
breaking skin, blood pooling in
controlled tattoos of domination.
Surprising empowerment
surges through the veins,
singing along arms,
hair follicles, tingling toes.
Finally awake.
Absolutely free.
The strength that was always
has fully emerged 
firmly rooted, spreading
enfolding, caressing.
Striding with assurance, sexy, 
wielding the leather 
queen of my own life
at last.

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