Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Privileged duty

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Purposefully inking the dots on

the pristine white card,
thoughts of other elections are
unexpectedly recalled.
Puzzling over that first absentee ballot,
seeking others to witness my
tentative choices.
Fearfully following
the ex husband into a church 
in an unknown neighborhood 
on a scary dark evening
to elect the lesser of 
two late eighties bozos.
Listening to a boyfriend berate
me for my presidential choice
while he gave my sick self 
a ride home from the polls.
Standing with legs wide apart,
my small daughter playing between
with toys and my shoelaces,
binky firmly plugged in her tiny lips.
She rises and grips my legs
as I study the options,
carefully poking the chads out.
Taking my niece today to register and
vote for her very first time, feeling
the pride of being an American and
a woman and voting my beliefs
without apology.