Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Delighted to be

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Every day a joy
for as simple a reason as
the house is always clean,
kitchen counters are clear,
fridge is tidily arranged and
not a condiment graveyard.
The table is smooth, stain-free,
pretty, elegant. The floors
shine under meticulous care,
reflecting the flickering lights
many vanilla candles throw.
Coziness saunters through
every inch of home, possessively
relaxing in every nook and cranny.
Deep waves of well-being
roll out every evening,
blanketing the neighborhood
with the ecstatic contentment
of living in peaceful solitude
once again.


Thank you, Hyde Park Poetry, for the award!

I would humbly like to nominate Fire and Ice for consideration in future awards!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The last moment

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Hoping against hope
until the very last
that things could be
different and that
could still be 'we'.
There was the last
of telling you
I was leaving.
Then the one when you
signed the separation
the only thing
we've agreed on
in years.
The last faint chance
as I bought
a new home.
And the so very weak
of hopeless wishing and
swallowed tears,
as I began
to move out and
move on.
Even that first dinner
on the first night
new roof,
you still could not give and
who you promised to
Even now,
your children
your friends
your sister
plead with you,
not to take
these steps.
You smile

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Living with intention

flying high
I refuse to be
categorized as
starting over.
These changes are
just the latest leg in
my life's journey.
I strive to make every
moment, every movement
matter. Working with
deliberation and
thoughtfulness, forming
each written letter and word
with precision
crafting my home with
an eye to beauty and
sensuality and the
simple pleasing of
my soul
so long denied by
the structure of
another's dreams and
all mine.
I am responsible for
the shape of
my life