Monday, August 20, 2012


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Listening for the thunderous
sound of feet on the porch
seconds after the car door slams,
I only hear the wind chimes.
Longing for the loud
messy tornado of you
wrestling the dog on the
scarily clean floor.

(Submitted for Thursday Poets Rally, Week 71, 8-22-12)


  1. Sense of a new change in life -- reminiscing with memories of "just one more time!" Nicely done!

    Visiting from Thursday's Poets Rally

  2. Aww, as a college student this makes me sad. At least my parents still have my youngest sister around. And though we're not around physically, we keep in regular contact. Well-written, thanks!

  3. Hello.
    I too find this somewhat sad. It's only when they're gone that you realize how much you love them. Nicely penned! I like your imagery too. Thanks for sharing.

    The Naked Wind


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