Sunday, July 1, 2012

Inner children dreams #2

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The little boy and girl
played side by side
the boy glancing up
periodically from
glaring at the girl
to stare defiantly
at me.
The little girl serenely
dug in the dirt
with a stick
stirring, shaping, discarding,
eyes fixed on her imagination
while he picked up handfuls
of soil,
first sifting it through his
fingers, then clenching it
with his fists
wanting to throw the dirt
at her.
He dropped the dirt
and ran away from us
to hide behind a tree,
my eyes following
him alertly, knowing
his mind as I did,
aware he wanted to
sully and sadden
what he could
not be. In her separate world,
she carefully arranged
rocks and twigs and dandelions,
gently prodding ants into line,
trusting me to
protect her