Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inner child dreams

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The baby was in my dreams
again last night.
She was healthy, pink, chubby,
over-dressed in winter snowsuit
in the middle of summer's heat.
What a blessing to see her thriving
and not failing as she was when I
first dreamed of her in my arms....
This time, she was hot fussy overwhelmed
I peeled off the suffocating
layers and spoke to her in soothing
lullaby tones. As her sweaty stressed
body cooled, she fixed her eyes
steadily on mine, insisting on
my unwavering attention,
letting me know with
her clear green gaze that I
must take care of us
not later
not allow us to be smothered and
minimized and ignored.
I picked her up, dressed only
in a tee shirt and diaper
and held her close, smoothing the
heat from her skin.
She laid her head on my shoulder,

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