Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pink is not the new female

You think that donning
automatically makes you
a woman
and that
wearing pastels and
blouses with darts
feminizes your figure
not to mention your surety that
long pink and white
acrylic nails definitively
engenders you a girl
and that all this
unquestioningly allows you to
pass as a chick.
Lip gloss pink shines
your lips and rainbow
hued toe socks adorn your
feet with slip-on shoes made
for women giddily slapping
against your heels.
But really
a clown does the same thing -
puts on the colors and
the clothes and the crazy
but everyone knows
he's just a guy in drag
playacting and that he's
a dude underneath
and so are you, no
matter how pink you
doll yourself up.
I never wear pink but
there is no doubt in
anyone's mind that I am
all girl when they glance
at me, unlike the harmonic
dissonance that occurs
in the minds of those who
gaze upon your ludicrous
pink femaleness
because female is a
state of mind not
a color.
(Written for NaPo Day 7, "Color", 4/7/12)

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