Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Inner Child

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Dear Inner Child,
No need to be scared,
precious one.
He's just a man asking
a few non-threatening questions. 
He's not trying to harm you.
Don't let him under
your skin, don't be afraid.
Let me make it better.
Ah, let me blot those tears 
and let's go for a walk under the
blue skies of a Wyoming spring, 
calming the terrors and uncertainty
of your smallness, still mentally
trapped in the centennial year, 
unable to grow and let go. 
Look, I see the apple trees starting
to bloom, their delicate pinkish-white
blossoms slowly opening in
the tentative warmth of the new season.
Come to my arms, precious one,
and heal.
(Written for NaPo Day 17, "Epistolary Poem", 4/17/12)
(Also posted for CarryOn Tuesday #152, 4/17/12)

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