Friday, April 6, 2012

Fur kid

She sat on my lap
panting joyfully to
be held close by me,
eyes alertly watching
everyone and everything
in the vet's office.
She was happy, so happy.
But she was very ill.
I stared at her head
memorizing the way
the sun lit up the fur
on her head, making it
glitter golden red
as I restrained my tears.
I swore as I kissed her head
that I would never forget
her and the love that
always sparkled from her
huge brown eyes.
I went outside while the
vet gave her the shot,
and wept bitterly at
having to make this
decision about my
best friend ever.

(Written for NaPo Day 6, "Write a poem about an animal", 4/6/12)

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