Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Freedom's Lullaby

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Sleep, my dear,
and never forget
the freedoms our mothers
fought for.
Sleep my dear,
and do not fret
our rights not smothered
by bores.
Sleep, my dear,
and never regret
being female not other
like before.
Sleep, my dear,
while women still sweat
for equal pay while many another
were called whores.
Sleep, my dear,
while I chant vignettes
"her"story made rather
daily, ever more.

(Written for NaPo Day 18, "Write a lullaby", 4/18/12
and inspired by this video on women's suffrage.)


  1. DIVA! You kick serious butt with this. The loving, lullaby effect of the words, like a song, and yet the potent, sad truth about the lot of women, even in the 21st century. BRAVA. Amy Barlow Liberatore


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